About us

We are a fast growing, innovativefaucibus arcu condimentum sed team that is comprised of professional and creative marketers, graphic designers, event planners, programmers, and photographers. We come from Vietnam, Europe and North America and we are all passionate about what we do.


Jonathan Polakowski

Managing Director – Cambodia

Jonathan has lived in South East Asia since 2006 and over the years, has done digital marketing with brands like Hennessy, Canon, Hyundai, Coca-Cola and many more.

He came up with a crazy idea to start a photo booth business in SE Asia. The result was PicCell which Jonathan started in Cambodia and rapidly branched out to other markets like Vietnam, where its expanding fast!

Thomas Creveau

Managing Director – Vietnam

Co-Founder & CEO Born and educated in France, Thomas is a creative and multi-cultural business developer. Living in South East Asia for the last 10 years, he is an action taker with various business success stories . Besides his work, Thomas loves pushing himself physically and mentally while training MMA or doing deep jungle trekking.

6 Reasons to Choose PicCell

PicCell is a special platform that increases your branding visibility online through social media sites.

We provide a service to directly engage your target market, not only online, also in real life. And it’s FUN.

We turn all your event guests into brand ambassadors. Watch the interaction with your fans increase on your social media page.

PicCell is 100% customizable to fit your brand. The booth and software are customizable to fit your brand identity.

PicCell provides a comprehensive data on the on the number of shares and the number of photos taken that day.

PicCell epxands your database by providing actual email addresses of the people who used PIC CELL at your event.

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